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SEO copywriting content
is king, but not just
any content

SEO Copywriting may not be recognized as ‘good’ to most website visitors, but it is recognized as good by search engines; that’s the difference. Your content must be readable and engaging, but it also needs to make intelligent use of key words, phrases and ideas that tells a search engine you are an authority on the topic.

For example, let’s consider Latent Semantic Indexing. This is basically an indexing method that finds words that will probably be used together on any given topic vs. just keyword stuffing.

Or Latent Dirichlet Allocation, a statistical model for discovering pages that are likely to be (mathematically) assigned to the same topic.

Said another way, a website devoted to baking should/will have topic pages relative to recipes, ingredients, where to buy baking supplies, baking tips and topics, etc. classes, etc. and not just packed with 500 uses of the keyword ‘baking’.

Google ‘knows’ that if you have a question about cakes, you might find the answer on this baking site, so it ranks that site higher for that search term. A good SEO copywriter writes accordingly.

Good SEO will never happen without useful, compelling copywriting, which adds significant value to your website.


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The main goal of SEO copywriting is to ensure that a web page has unique content that is worth being shared and promoted on the other online platforms.

While creating content for SEO, we always keep in mind the key factors that are crucial to maximizing the ranking of content:

  • Match the keyword intent. The closer the match, the better Google will rank the page.
  • Keep to the point, providing the most relevant content from the very beginning.
  • Brainstorm headlines and subheads; make them work for you.
  • Write content for people, avoiding keyword stuffing.
  • Oh, and hire Alpha Media!

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