Why managing Google Ads campaign with us?

We think like a customer, act the way conquerors do
We bring businesses to TOP-5 on Google.
Some other advertising agencies can also do that for you. But what’s next?
Every day, millions of customers are searching online and discovering new products, services and businesses. They click and leave to continue shopping around till they find something extraordinary.
Competition creates infinite choices and advertisers are struggling to find ways to stand out.
Having over 10 years of experience in marketing and sales, we know: the higher competition is on the market, the more unique approach a business should apply in order to convince people to believe in your product or ideas as much as you do and build irreplaceable lifelong relationships.

Your advanced marketing solution is here

We help businesses grow, creating strong brands and advertising their uniqueness
Our 3 secret ingredients that bring advertised businesses to success:
we learn strong points and create a brand that makes a business stand out
we advertise its uniqueness
we build a strong relationship with customers and keep advertising, bringing more profit
Our mission is to create abrand-new business generation.
This is our secret sauce that we apply, whether it’s an ad copy or communication with customers by means of a website.

Our PPC ad methodology

We follow many of the same best practices that are available to everyone else. We’re not aware of any hidden buttons, secret tricks, or any new revolutionary bid-management ... Read more > strategies.
Our methodology is underpinned by hard work. It calls for intelligent strategy, rigorous testing, constant optimizing, and a fine balance between technological and human input.
Account tune-ups may deliver quick wins, but lasting Google Ads success is the result of continuous optimization.

Meet Our Key Account Manager, Tata K.

«Advertising brands is my passion. I’m sure, a strong brand and its identity is the most important key to success when advertising online. Strong brands are 40% more expensive and sell up to 5x more compared to rivals.
A brand is about an emotional relationship and promise to customers. What’s your promise to customers?»
A certified Google Ads Specialist
10 years of experience in digital advertising and offline marketing
Successfully created and launched advertising and marketing campaigns for more than 15 international brands such as Nestle, PepsiCo, Lansinoh, etc.
Active member of US Press Association.
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We've boosted monthly revenue by 2-5 times

For Dental Offices
For Dental Offices
For Tourism & Water Sport Companies
For Tourism & Water Sport Companies
For Chiropractor Offices
For Chiropractor Offices
For Law Offices
For Law Offices
For Real Estate Companies
For Real Estate Companies
Other business niches
Other business niches
As a result of launched Google advertising campaign our clients have achieved amazing results:
Stood out in a crowd of competitors
Increased their market share
Boosted their monthly revenue by 2-5 times.
And they’re continuously receiving new clients for their business from Google Paid Search and increasing their monthly sales.
Dental Office
Hollywood, FL
I own a dental office in Hollywood and this business niche is highly competitive with expensive google bids. We had minimum daily budget for Google, but thanks to Tanya we managed to make maximum revenue out of it and in a couple of months doubled our budget because return of investment was really huge!
Real Estate Agent
Tampa, FL
I’m a real estate agent and there are thousands of real estate agents in Florida. Before turning to Alpha Media, I worked with another agency who made me pay $15-20 per click. Taking into account that 90% of the traffic I got was irrelevant, it all was just a waste of money and time. These guys made it possible to cut down pay per click cost almost 3 times, and with the same ad budget I get 6 times more qualified leads of potential customers, who are ready to buy and work with me. Many thanks for your work!
Jet ski and boat rentals
Miami, FL
Alpha Media delivers! One of the best things is that they are category exclusive, which means once you hire them, they won't be working with anyone else in your field. This ensures that there will be no conflict of interest in making sure you show up as a first page search result!
Law Firm
Boca Raton, FL
Alpha Media has taken my law firm into the 21st century! While I certainly do not fully comprehend all that they are doing for me – but what I do know is that they’re making new clients call every day! Great company, highly recommend.
Family Restaurant
Miami, FL
This awesome team got my firm the exposure we needed. They optimized our website advertising and now we have almost 2 times more clients at the same advertising budget. Anyone looking for online marketing company they can trust and that will deliver results - your best bet is calling Alex at Alpha Media.
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Our Rates

Month-to-month payment, no hidden fees
click budget
$650 — setup fee
$450/mo — management fee
FREE bonuses
Strategy session Competitors analysis Ad quote w/ targets Website improvement recommendations
click budget
$1,450 — convertible landing page & campaign buildup
$650/mo — management fee
FREE bonuses
Strategy session Competitors analysis Ad quote w/ targets Create a unique selling point in order to stand out
$6,000/mo & up
click budget
$2,450 — convertible landing page & campaign buildup
% tbc — management fee
FREE bonuses
Strategy session Competitors analysis Ad quote w/ targets Build a strong brand & brand identity
Our promise:
We work with only 1 business niche locally and bring it to TOP-5 on Google Search.
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