Why managing Google Ads campaign with us?

We think like a customer, act the way conquerors do
We implement individual approach to advertise your businesses online.
We’re not a factory that churns out standard settings for each and every Google Ads campaign.
Being seasoned marketing specialists, we know: the higher competition is on the market, the more unique approach a business should have in order to stand out and keep attracting new customers.
We’re continuously working to improve Google campaign performance.
Google Search is a life mechanism with millions of businesses advertising online every day.
If an ad campaign set up once isn’t being kept updated, soon you may forget about any return of your advertising budget investment.

Сommon Google Ads problems and mistakes

Unreasonable bidding and overspending on clicks
Drained budget on unqualified keywords
Inability to compete on Google paid search and low ROI
Advertising services by newbies, the use of automated programs to set up Google campaign and attempts to overcome the settings by your own, leads to the above-mentioned outcome.
Automated programs used to set up Google Ads campaign bring next to zero return of your advertising budget investment. In the effort to save money on management services you are just wasting your time and ... Read more > loosing potential customers.
No one program with artificial intelligence tools can replace a human brain. You can trust your state-of-art coffee-machine to cook you morning coffee, but when it comes to your business don’t be naive to expect serious results from google-ads-campaign-in-5-steps program.
The same story happens when a person new to this sphere, let’s say a dentist, is trying to set up Google campaign on his own. Without going deep into the details, we all know that no one marketing specialist is trying to extract a tooth by himself :)

Your advanced marketing solution is here

Having new customers for your business is not a pain any longer. We will make your phone ring and receive new inquiries from potential customers.
Google Paid Search algorithm is rather sophisticated and is being updated constantly.
But even advanced knowledge of Google.Ads platform is far from being enough to create competitive promotion for a business ... Read more > on tight online market of goods and services.
Only seasoned full spectrum marketing specialist with advanced skills of setting up Google Ads campaign can bring your business to the highest ranking on the market.
Advertising with us:
Brings sales leads of ready-to-pay clients
Brings maximum revenue out of your budget starting from the 1st month
Allows you to focus on business development, driving the best results possible

Meet Our Key Account Manager, Tata K.

«I help businesses stand out from competitors and increase market share by means of Google Ads and smart marketing approach. This unique blend of marketing techniques steadily brings new clients and drives monthly sales by 2-5 times within the next 3 months.»
A certified Google Ads Specialist
10 years of experience in digital advertising and offline marketing
Successfully created and launched advertising and marketing campaigns for more than 15 international brands such as Nestle, PepsiCo, Lansinoh, etc.
Active member of US Press Association.
To your the most complete satisfaction and top results possible, we are happy to offer our FREE recommendations regarding your website. It will help to improve Google Ads campaign conversion and bring more leads.
Learn more.
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We've boosted monthly revenue by 2-5 times

For Dental Offices
For Dental Offices
For Tourism & Water Sport Companies
For Tourism & Water Sport Companies
For Chiropractor Offices
For Chiropractor Offices
For Law Offices
For Law Offices
For Real Estate Companies
For Real Estate Companies
Other business niches
Other business niches
As a result of launched Google advertising campaign our clients have achieved amazing results:
Stood out in a crowd of competitors
Increased their market share
Boosted their monthly revenue by 2-5 times.
And they’re continuously receiving new clients for their business from Google Paid Search and increasing their monthly sales.
Dental Office
Hollywood, FL
I own a dental office in Hollywood and this business niche is highly competitive with expensive google bids. We had minimum daily budget for Google, but thanks to Tanya we managed to make maximum revenue out of it and in a couple of months doubled our budget because return of investment was really huge!
Real Estate Agent
Tampa, FL
I’m a real estate agent and there are thousands of real estate agents in Florida. Before turning to Alpha Media, I worked with another agency who made me pay $15-20 per click. Taking into account that 90% of the traffic I got was irrelevant, it all was just a waste of money and time. These guys made it possible to cut down pay per click cost almost 3 times, and with the same ad budget I get 6 times more qualified leads of potential customers, who are ready to buy and work with me. Many thanks for your work!
Jet ski and boat rentals
Miami, FL
Alpha Media delivers! One of the best things is that they are category exclusive, which means once you hire them, they won't be working with anyone else in your field. This ensures that there will be no conflict of interest in making sure you show up as a first page search result!
Law Firm
Boca Raton, FL
Alpha Media has taken my law firm into the 21st century! While I certainly do not fully comprehend all that they are doing for me – but what I do know is that they’re making new clients call every day! Great company, highly recommend.
Family Restaurant
Miami, FL
This awesome team got my firm the exposure we needed. They optimized our website advertising and now we have almost 2 times more clients at the same advertising budget. Anyone looking for online marketing company they can trust and that will deliver results - your best bet is calling Alex at Alpha Media.
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We work only with 1 business niche locally.
Order our Google Ads services until it’s too late and your competitor has reconquered your market share.
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