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Tell your brand story
with motion

Nothing tells the story like a video. As a leading Florida full service marketing agency, Alpha Media video postproduction services are best in class in terms of talent, equipment, and editing systems. That means your videos are creative with the high production value to meet any business needs.

To achieve captivating video content, we may need to spice up the work with significant realistic effects. Some practical visual effects include special filters, fading in and out, text effects, motion graphics, tracking and parallax.

Our investment in the latest technology brings color correction to grade for more impressive video postproduction exposures. In the editing, we can also enhance the audio quality for better production output.

Therefore, we have a team of experts in sound engineering, foley artists, colorists, editors, and graphic artists. A combination of these skills cannot produce anything short of the best, which is what you would expect from a top full service marketing agency.

Depending on your budget for the video project and the application, we bring different skill sets to video postproduction. However, our high quality is non-negotiable as we enhance business through film-making.

Our Video Services
  • Video Editing

    We select clips from your shoot and put them in a specific order to tell the desired story. Editing includes both picture and sound manipulation. It would also include any lower thirds (such as a speaker’s title or the title of an episode), credits, foley sound, sound effects. and soundtrack.

  • Color Correction

    There will always be a variation in lighting and color depth in post when shooting a video, even though you make sure lighting and camera settings are as consistent as possible when filming.
    Color-correction helps to maintain continuity in your story, sets the tone and finally makes a huge difference to your video.

  • Visual Effects

    Visual effects can be applied to any image that could not be filmed during production for whatever reason.
    We'll add computer generated images, such as characters, models, or designs,
    to perfectly complete your commercial filmmaking.

  • Motion Graphics

    Give your video the professional edge that it needs.
    Add essentials to your cut like logos, chyrons, or credits that catch the eye of your audience and blend well with the overall style.
    From basic to advanced, we cover the full spectrum with a non-preset approach that is customizable.

  • Animation

    An animated explainer video is one of the best ways to increase sales.
    Animated videos are perfect if you have a complex idea or product that you
    want to explain in simple and easy terms. They are entertaining to watch and can deliver your message quickly and efficiently.

  • Distribution

    Platforms for video distribution can range from YouTube and Amazon, to social medias like Facebook and Instagram.
    Each of them has their own video requirements, such as aspect ration and maximum length. This can impact how many versions of a video would need to be exported after editing and colour correction. Post-production distribution service takes care of all these requirements for you.

Book video post-production service
Tell us about your business goals, and we'll come up with
several creative ideas and tailor a project to meet your needs.
We launch post-production process
Create a video in accordance with all the requirements
and standards.
Deliver outstanding results
Your receive ready-to-use videos to voice your brand in the
targeted channels and make the highest return on your investment.

Elevate your theme
through impactful
visual content

Start by building a company image and then repurpose your investment with shorter vids for advertising products/services. You can then post your videos to YouTube, FB, Instagram, and other digital channels for maximum return. Who knows, it might go viral!

We can work with the video footage provided by customers, and our drone videographers took the footage. As a professional marketing agency in Florida, we know how all these strategies work.

Consequently, we provide all the necessary postproduction services to make the video captivate prospective customers. Our technical expertise and creativity give us an advantage.

Additionally, you may have a business idea that needs further development. We have a creative team that can develop unique and impactful scripts and storyboards to ensure your new videos support your communication strategy.

And remember:  video is the media that out performs all other content types across all social platforms.

Engage a full service marketing agency to find new and exciting ways to incorporate video into your marketing message and drive more engagement for your online promotion efforts.

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