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Getting back the ones
who almost got away

Google Ads seem to be everywhere, don’t they? That’s because they are! Potential customers use Google services and Google-related sites after interacting with the company website.

Remarketing is a way to reach people who have at one time or the other interacted with your mobile app or website. You can then set your Google ads in a way that retargets these audiences and position your ads before them. This action increases in the least the visibility of your website.

Ad remarketing can help you attract customers and visitors through Google or partner websites. Advertisers can also offer bait elements such as free downloads, free trials, promos, and discounts.

The Benefits of Remarketing:

  • Analyzes campaign performance(s)
  • Generates free multi-media ad campaigns for your products/services
  • Automated bidding to help win the auction at the lowest possible price
  • Allows narrower, more focused ads
  • Reengages people who have shown interest in your business by showing them ads of your products/services while they search elsewhere online

In this way, the customer has interacted with your product/service again, making them more willing to finalize a purchase.


Sell more with returning
site visitors

We’ll create a library of different static, HTML5, and video ads, so your campaign shows more specified ads for products or services with higher interaction rates on your website or app. Google records data on people who interact with your business online through cookies and other background data records.

The video remarketing campaign targets people who have viewed your videos on your YouTube channel. Video advertising is part of our digital marketing agency’s full service.

The existing-customer remarketing campaign saves the contact information of customers who have provided such information. Ads of your products or services can be posted in the customers’ paths while signing in to their Google accounts. Partner with one of Florida’s leading full-service agencies, and we’ll show you how this all comes together. After all, We Know How!

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