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Why you need a
Google Ads manager

The Google Ads Manager is the platform for Google Adwords, AdSense and AdExchange, created in 2018 to manage your advertising board. It monitors your advertising campaign and gives helpful information on how your budget is being spent and related keywords to bid for. As a Florida based leading digital agency, we are proficient in Google Ads Manager.

It manages and supports adverts, particularly for large businesses with multiple direct and third-party networks. On a more specific note, through the Google Ads Manager, you can create, manage, evaluate, and obtain a report of all your advertising campaigns through different media.

The core elements of an Ad Manager include reporting and management but also forecasting. In forecasting, the advertisers can predict where to focus the next ad campaign to get better results. The inventory elements include Ad units, Placements, and Key values.

The Google Ad Manager provides the following services for your ads campaign:

  1. A centralized platform to monetize your business web inventories such as sites, blogs, apps, games, and videos
  2. Ad revenue management through direct sales and click-through-related metrics
  3. Use of third-party networks in competition for ad inventory
  4. More granular insights through complex reporting

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How does google ad manager work?

  1. The first step in Google Ad Manager is the ad inventory definition, which differs for the medium you intend to use. These inventories are referred to as Ad units. The automatic system of the Ad manager generates a unique tag code for each ad unit.
  2. Users will then be required to insert the tag code into the app or the website page. As the app or site is in use, the tag requests the ad at intervals. It then advertises the app or site
  3. The next step is to create relevant orders as well as line items, known as campaigns. As an advertiser, you can monitor your buyers’ responses with each of the campaigns’ inventory. If a particular campaign aligns with the targeted ad unit, it qualifies to serve an ad in response to that request

Google Ad Manager offers an excellent platform to coordinate your ad campaigns to bring about the best possible results. It also arranges and shows which of the served ads relates to which of the inventory. For instance, the Ad manager shows the record of served ads with your mobile app and site. We’ll integrate Google Ads Manager is part of our agency’s full service.

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