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Audit your current and
past online advertising

Conducting a Google Advertising Audit means making sure that the Google Ads account is functioning as effectively as possible.

While some Google advertising campaigns focus on building brand awareness, most search campaigns share the goal of converting searchers into customers. And that puts the focus on conversions.

As a Florida based digital agency with over 15 years of experience, we will uncover any potential problem areas in ads, campaigns and accounts. What’s working; what’s not. The data gathered by the audit helps to create an action plan to solve the issues and improve the effectiveness at which Google Ads delivers beneficial results.

Benefits of Google Advertising Audit

  • In assessing the efficaciousness of a Google Ads Audit, there are several clear benefits. It helps to:
  • Provide insights on audience interaction and preferences
  • Reduce or eliminate areas of wasted time and money
  • Validate or invalidate your assumptions
  • Locate areas of potential that have yet to be explored
  • Upgrade and strengthen the business management process

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Google Advertising Audit Step-By-Step

  • Define goals
    • Identify target audience and current reach
    • Are your ads working?
    • How can you improve them for higher sales?
    • What are your outcome expectations?
  • Organize account structure and use appropriate ad campaign grouping, separating groups accordingly:
    • Target audience criteria
    • Separate target audience into specific categories
    • Based on region, preferences, actions, etc.
    • Types of products
    • Types of services
    • Types of content
  • Check both campaign and account settings
    • Ensure the settings are targeting exactly who they are meant to target
    • Disable any settings that are inaccurate/not helpful
    • Check that budgets, ad strategies, and ad delivery methods are optimal
  • Focus on Ads Groups
    • Ad groups should be as specific as possible
    • They should complement each other, not overlap or compete
    • High-ranking/well-performing ad groups should receive an appropriate portion of the budget
    • CPCs should be set the maximum level for each Ad Group
    • Keywords for Ad Groups should be limited to 10 or less
    • Utilize landing pages to get Ad Groups to take the actions you want them to
  • Manage Keywords
    • Keywords should align with your company goals
    • Keywords in each campaign should be relevant to the particular campaign
    • The performance of each keyword should be analyzed in order to decide which work best/worst
    • Modify keywords based on performance
    • What negative keywords, if any, should we use
    • CPCs for each keyword should be set at an appropriate level
  • Test Ads
    • Ads should not be left to run untested
    • Ad performance should be tested in each Ad Group
    • Run two versions of the same ad on rotation
    • Whichever does not perform as well should be removed
    • Keeping the ad with better performance, create another ad to run another ad test
    • This ensures that you always run the optimal ad for each group
    • A call-to-action should be included in each ad, and its effectiveness should be assessed
    • Ads should include dynamic keywords
  • Utilize Landing Pages
    • Relevant landing pages, although not part of Google Ads, have a significant effect on Google Ads metrics and the overall efficacy of the campaign
    • Landing pages must include clear and concise calls to action and uniform diction and terminology 
    • This maximizes customer-interaction potential while reinforcing the company’s brand
    • Visitors should be redirected to a “Thank You” message, which includes a conversion tracking code, after completing a form
    • All forms should work appropriately
  • Record Audit Outcomes
    • The results of the entire audit, as partitioned above, must be recorded in an organized structure
    • Issues and positive points must be marked and addressed, one by one
    • Making sure the audit results are organized logically, legibly, and marked for importance is key to creating an optimal action plan moving forward
    • The Action Plan can now be scheduled, deciding how and when to implement the changes that have been identified

The Google Ads Audit optimizes every facet surrounding the advertisement of your company’s products/services, ultimately increasing revenue.

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