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Utilizing eCommerce Google Ads is another indispensable tool that can boost your online sales, especially for physical products.

In order to deliver the most effective user experience, our digital team at Alpha Media, Florida maks sure the structure is clear and consistent throughout has a direct effect on prospective sales. If potential clients have trouble using the interface or understanding the structure of your ads, they will go back to browsing the internet. Having a streamlined, user-friendly structure is the most important feature for eCommerce.

Design is the next most important feature to consider here. By including professional quality pictures of your products, which help them to look as eye-catching, attractive, and immaculate as possible, you inevitably increase your chances of selling that product.

Finally, in terms of communication, product names and description should be short and to the point while remaining descriptive. The product name and description should have just enough information to help the potential buyer understand the product and be convinced that the product is just what they are looking for.


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eCommerce specifics

Whether you decide to run shopping ads, increase the visibility of your product through bidding, take advantage of seasonal trends, participate in dynamic retargeting using Display ads, and/or offer discounts, sales, and special offers, your profit margins are bound to multiply.

Running Shopping Ads helps to sell your products to people who are already searching and ready to buy products like yours. As part of the Shopping Ads, you can post attractive pictures of your products, prices, titles, descriptions, ratings, and reviews. Including any existing positive product reviews on your Shopping Ads can help your product stand out even more.

By also including special offers, sales, and discounts on your ads, the psychology behind these features helps to sell more products more quickly. When people read that the “sale ends soon” or something is offered “for a limited time”, it creates a sort of FOMO (fear of missing out), which makes the customer more inclined to buy the product now rather than waiting. Listing the sale price of a product along with the original price is another psychological technique to make customers more likely to buy your product. When a customer sees a product listed for a lesser price, they believe they are saving money, rather than losing money, by purchasing the product.

Keeping the seasonal trends in mind is another smart selling strategy for your products. If you have a product that you feel confident will sell better during a certain season, then the product should be titled and have a description that convinces the customer of the utility/status of that product according to the season. Additionally, by changing your product titles and descriptions according to the season, you can maximize your opportunity to sell a particular product. For example, if you did not sell a “fall product” in fall, then you can rename the product as a “winter” product to increase the chance that you will sell that item.

Finally, using the dynamic retargeting option with Display ads puts your product/service back in the path of the customers who may have been interested in purchasing your product/service but did not make the initial purchase for one reason or another. When these people see your retargeted ad a second time, they may be reminded of your product/service and thus may buy it upon seeing it again at a more appropriate or convenient time for them. The icing on the cake of using retargeted ads is the ability to offer a discount on the product or service that a potential customer showed interest in but did not initially buy. When they see the product/service again, but this time for a discounted price, they are much more likely to actually make the purchase.

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