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Our objective is a thorough SEO Audit is to ensure all your content — paid and organic – is adequately structured. Some of the main components of a perfect SEO campaign include keywords, titles (H1, H2, and H3), tags, searchability, site health, and loading time.

This, in turn, will create a more effective Search Engine Results Page (SERP). SERP refers to the results that Google returns when a searcher inputs a query in the search box. According to Hubspot, the top 5 pages in the SERP get up to 75% of the total clicks. 75%!

Let’s use the example of a manufacturer. We’ll call them Smithco. Smithco has numerous pages on its website. So, we want the Google search engine to give us a top listing.

But Smithco also has videos, product photos, engineering drawings, brochures, social accounts, and even a Google company listing. We want ALL these contents to appear at the top of the research page. That’s an incredible SERP.

To achieve this high level SERP, we improve both the technical and non-technical aspects of your site. As a top full service marketing agency in Florida, We Know How to improve the SERP and pillar website page performance on an organic search.

Some examples of common issues identified by an SEO Audit are website structural errors, such as load speed, parsing, and poor sitemaps. In other cases, we examine your site for improper tagging or no tagging at all.

Our SEO auditing may uncover some missing alt tags, especially for graphics and images. Alt tags should be written in full sentences in the event they are read by a technology to assist those with disabilities.

Indexability is another technical issue that your site may face. This problem has to do with Google’s ability to read your site in machine language and interpret its content.


Stay on top of your
online presence

We provide comprehensive SEO auditing that covers the technical side and the structure and content.

Finally, we provide a clear action list, which simplifies the steps to implement all the improvements to boost Google ranking organically.

And keep at it! It is essential to conduct an SEO audit every six months on average to ensure optimal performance by implementing the latest search engine practices. So, why not roll with the best full service digital agencies in Florida. Call us!

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