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Domain Authority (DA) is another term for website trust. As a tool for predicting how likely a website will rank in search engine results, Moz developed the Domain authority system to score websites.

Ranging from 1 to 100, Domain Authority is an artificial ranking determined by numerous factors. The higher the site DA score, the more likely the site will appear near the top of the results page.

DA is built gradually as your site gains more credibility over time. This rating principle attempts to distinguish which sites are mediocre but may have good SEO and which sites offer excellent content and provide the best user experience.

The Google algorithm understands that such a site builds credibility over time. This is why when you search online, the top 5 or 7 websites in your search results have the highest DA score for that keyword.

One way to improve a site’s Domain Authority is through link building. Link building is a powerful tool that lends brand credibility, increases traffic, and enhances the website’s ranking in search engines. The more links your site has, the more credible it appears to search engines. Ahrefs, one of the leading link tracking technology, often emphasizes the strong correlation between DA and SERPs.


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Our full-service digital agency located in Florida follows the best proven practices, some of which are:

  • Links/share buttons to major social media platforms gain a higher SEO ranking
  • Remember, links are crawled by spiders and are considered essential. so, use phrases better than Read More as a link, use something closer to your content, like More Recipes
  • Long-tail keywords, which could be an entire sentence rather than a word, work better because they provide the reader with more context than linking only one term. Example: large thin crust pepperoni pizza vs. pizza.
  • Use synonyms rather than exact keywords; keywords that link to the same content should be varied in their wording to avoid “keyword stuffing.”
  • Make sure any outbound links open a new window; don’t direct viewers out of your website
  • Scan your site regularly to catch (and fix) any broken links
  • Create fun 404 pages such as, “Hey, What are You Doing Here?” By the way, 404 error pages refer to broken, dead, or inaccessible links.

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