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The who, what, and
where of Google Ads

Both Google display and search ads can be targeted based on numerous criteria. Targeting is key to reducing your cost per click or cost per conversion. For example, if you’re selling women’s clothing, you obviously will be efficient if you target women with your advertising.

One essential function of Google ads is its ability to narrow down your ad content and target audience as closely as possible. It also determines exactly where your ads appear online to maximize the likelihood of reaching the desired audience as efficiently as possible.

In the setting of a Google ad campaign, you can choose a specific target audience or content criteria to ensure your ad campaigns are as efficient as possible. Some of the options include a particular location, an age group, gender (as in the example above), or other demographical properties.

At the same time, you can create “ad groups,” which are ads that share similar qualities or features. The essence of ad groups is to organize your ads and then disseminate them accordingly across the Display Network. These networks may include YouTube or mobile apps while putting specific ads in front of particular people.


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If you choose not to use any specific targeting criteria, you will have limited campaign and account functionality. The narrower the scope of your audience, the more likely they are to click through and check out your offer.

Utilizing Google Ads Targeting is highly recommended for any business – like a Florida digital agency – looking to maximize their ad campaigns’ success rate and create a loyal customer base. Depending on your business’s industry, you can also target customers through specific social media platforms connected with Google.

Typical Display Network campaigns reach all demographics by default. But changing these “Targeting” settings is imperative to running the company’s target audience, including relevant topics, and appropriately placing ads. As a full service digital agency, we could target marketers and business owners.

Primarily, setting up a targeted ad campaign will demand that the ad sets specific goals. Besides, the advertiser must understand the nature of the audience and their likely areas of interest. Similarly, you should also know where to find your audience because this will inform the channels to promote one’s campaigns.

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